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FD Information

The Imboden Fire Department building is located at 401 Hwy. 115.
The mailing address is P.O. Box 487 Imboden, Arkansas 72434. 

Fire Department contact phone number- 869-2996

The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department meets once a month for training and ongoing education.
All members of the volunteer fire department meet training standards set forth by the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board.

Imboden Fire Department  has approx. five certified first  responders, three EMT’s, and 1 Paramedic currently on the fire department. We are capable of basic life support, with the addition of automatic defibulation.

The Imboden Fire Department has a Class 4 fire insurance rating.

The fire chief  inspects all commercial businesses in Imboden twice per year.
Hydrants are tested twice per year.
Hose is tested once a year.

Fire Dues
Fire protection memberships dues for property owners in Lawrence and Randolph Counties who reside within the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department fire response area. Membership fees are $36.00 per year per residence, business, church or property site. Membership fees are $60.00 for businesses or churches over 2,000 square feet.

Responses by the Imboden VFD to nonmember resident is the fire response area for any type of fire carry a fixed rate of $500.00 per response. Association members who have insurance will not be billed for a balance of the response fee if their insurance policy pays under $500.00.

There will be no charge for a first-response call that is not connected to a fire.

The Imboden VFD is primarily responsible for the Town of Imboden and will not guarantee a response, unless manpower and equiptment are available.

The dues are payable between January 1st and January 31st. and may be mailed to: Imboden Volunteer Fire Department, P.O. Box 487 Imboden Arkansas 72434

Engine 2 is a 1980 model Hudson that was refurbished in 1995.
The pump is 2050 gallons of water per minute pump and has a 1000 gallon tank. Engine 2 also carries five SCBA’s (self contained breathing apparatus) and five extra bottles used for interior attacks on structure fires. Engine 2’s primary use in in town structure fires.

Engine 6 is a 1980 model Ford. The pump is  1000 gallons per minute pump and has a 1000 gallon tank. Engine 6 carries four SCBA’s for interior attacks on structure fires and serves as our out of town and in town support truck. It also responds to wildland fires and vehicle fires both in and out of town.

Both engines carry full equipment based on guidlines set forth by the ISO, such as hoses, ladders, axes, pike poles, and various other tools.

Rescue 4 is a 2004 F-450 4×4 Diesel . Rescue 4 has multi uses as a rescue truck and is taken on wildland and grass fires. it contains not only over 600 gallons of water for fire fighting but also the extracation tools used in automobile accidents. It carries a Hearst combination cutting/spreading tool for automobile extracation use also Hearst ram tool and accesories. Rescue 4 carries a dump tank which is used to draft water on out of town fires.

Rescue 3 is a 1995 model 4×4 Chevrolet Suburban that carries medical equipment, an AED, safety equipment, water rescue gear, and extra lighting. It also serves as the command vehicle for the department. Rescue 3 pulls the mobile support unit with the mobile cascade system refilling station, six extra air packs, hand tools, and flashlights.

The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department mobile support trailer is used by not only the Imboden Fire Department but any department in Lawrence County. In the event of a fire department in need of  SCBA’s filled or refilled. Imboden will respond with Rescue 3 and the trailer to provide assistance.