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Ordinance 2016-6- Concerning Mobile Homes



Section 1. Manufactured Home Parks

All new manufactured home parks that are established or existing manufactured home parks which are expanded after the effective date of these regulations shall comply with all of the requirements and standards contained in this section.

1.2Development Standards
The Manufactured Home Park shall conform to the following standards:

A. A manufactured home park shall contain a minimum of five (5) acres.

B. There shall be a maximum of six (6) manufactured homes per gross acre.

C.Only one (1) manufactured home may be located on a manufactured home site as designated by the required lot size and yard areas.

D. A site development plan shall be submitted to the City Council showing the area and dimensions of the tract of land; the number, locations and size of all manufactured home spaces; the location and width of roadways, walkways, and recreational areas; and the location of service buildings and other proposed structures. If approved, the development shall conform to the site development plan and violation of the plan shall nullify the permit.
Existing facilities or rented spaces shall not be expanded without prior consent of the City Council.

E. Each manufactured home park shall be permitted to display on each street frontage, one identifying sign of a maximum size of 32 square feet .

F. Any manufactured home located in this district shall be set up and anchored in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Arkansas Manufactured Housing Commission.

G. A manufactured home moved into the city shall be new and under warranty or inspected by the city’s Administrative Official prior to being moved on site to ensure the dwelling will be inhabitable in a safe manner.

1.3 Design

A. Lot Size: Each manufactured home space shall contain a minimum of 6,000 square feet of site area. Each manufactured home space shall have a minimum width of fifty (5O) feet.

B. Manufactured Home Space: Each manufactured home space shall be provided a concrete slab for anchoring the manufactured home. The slab shall be large enough to accommodate a multi-sectional manufactured home.

C.Yard Areas: A manufactured home space shall have yard setbacks of not less than seven and one-half (7 1/2) feet on all sides.

There shall be a minimum distance of twenty (20) feet between manufactured homes.

D. Parking and Streets: A minimum of two (2) improved off-street parking spaces shall be provided per manufactured home space, each nine (9) feet by twenty (20) feet.

All manufactured home spaces shall abut a hard-surfaced driveway of not less than twenty (20) feet in width, which shall have unobstructed access to a public street. The driveways will consist of two inches of asphalt over a six-inch gravel base.

E. Utilities: Each manufactured home space shall be provided with sanitary sewer and water service as required by the Codes of the City of Imboden.

Utility services to each manufactured home space shall be in conformance with the subdivision regulations of the City of Imboden.

A 200 amp electrical service shall be provided for each manufactured home space.

F. Screening: Adequate landscaping shall be provided, including trees and shrubs, around the perimeter of the manufactured home park. Landscaping shall be site obscuring with a minimum of six (6) foot screening.

Additional fencing and landscaping may be required by the City Council as part of a Conditional Use Permit for a manufactured home park.

G. Accessory Structures: The only accessory structure permitted shall be a storage building with a maximum size of ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet, and a garage for the storage of motor vehicles, both of which must meet the yard area requirements.

1.4 Review Procedure
The City Council shall review all proposals for Manufactured Home Park design.

Section 2 Manufactured Home.s and Dwellings in the City of Imboden

All single-family dwellings and manufactured homes in the City of Imboden except those within a manufactured home park are subject to the following standards:

A. Dwellings shall have a minimum width or length of 20 ft. on any side.

B. Dwellings shall be oriented such that the front door of the structure faces the street.

C.All dwelling units that do not have a built-in front porch as part of the structure shall have a covered front landing, accessible by stairs with handrails, if necessary. The landing shall be at least six feet by six feet and oriented to the front yard.

D. Dwellings shall be constructed with a type of siding that is consistent with other homes in the general vicinity.

E. The maximum occupancy of any home shall be twice the number of bedrooms plus one. For purposes of this section children under the age of 24 months shall not count against this maximum.

F. Any transportation elements including axles and hitches shall be removed from the structure.

G. Units shall be set up and anchored in accordance with regulations set forth by the Arkansas Manufactured Home Commission, if applicable.
H. Units shall have approved underpinning around the base of the structure.

I. The dwelling will be the principal structure on the lot.

J .Dwellings moved into the City of Imboden shall be new and under warranty or inspected by the City’s Administrative Official prior to being moved on site to ensure the dwelling will be inhabitable in a safe manner. Upon a denial of placement by the City’s Administrative Official, the owner of the denied manufacture home may request, in writing, no less than 10 days prior to the regularly scheduled city council meeting, that the denial be reviewed by the Council.

Section 3. Recreational Vehicle Trailers and Camping Trailers

3.1Occupancy Prohibited.
A camping or travel trailer shall not be occupied:

A. Permanently at any time while it is parked or stored in any area within the incorporated limits;
B. Or temporarily unless it is parked in a designated and permitted recreational vehicle travel park or as expressly approved for a construction site.

Section 4 Recreational Vehicle or Travel Trailer Park

Recreational Vehicle, or Travel Trailer Parks for short-term temporary occupants are only allowed within commercial districts, as permitted. RV or Travel Trailer Park sites should be well-drained and properly graded in order to insure rapid drainage and prevent the pooling of water. There is no maximum density requirement for Travel Trailer Parks. However, all travel trailers shall be separated from each other by at least 10 feet. The separation requirements include any accessory or supporting structures like awnings or carports.

Plans for a Recreation Vehicle or Travel Trailer Park shall be submitted to the City Council for review as a conditional use. The plans submitted shall include at least the following:

A. Adequate space dimensions to accommodate the different sizes of expected vehicles.

B. Street and access roads located within the travel trailer park.

C.Service building plans to house restrooms, lavatories, showers, and other sanitary facilities as required by State Department of Health for the number of spaces available in the park.

D.Water and sewer services for each trailer space.

Section 5. Penalties and Restrictions

Any dwelling moved into the city limits of the City of Imboden without prior written approval of the City Inspector or the Mayor or his designee shall be in violation of this ordinance and subject to a fine of $500.00 a day as long as the violation continues.

Unapproved dwellings moved into the City of Imboden shall not be provided Water and Sewer Service or connections from the City of Imboden as water and sewer connections/service of unapproved dwellings present a potential health and safety risk to the citizens of Imboden.

Section 6. The health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of Imboden are immediately affected by this ordinance and consequently an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall be in effect from the date of its passage.

The provisions of this ordinance are separable, and if any section or part thereof shall be held illegal or invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the ordinance.

Any provision of any previously enacted ordinance which conflicts with this amendment shall be void as it pertains to provisions of this ordinance and the provisions of this ordinance shall be controlling.